"Bargain one trouble for another" – why Zelensky is no different from Poroshenko

When Vladimir Zelensky won the election, a great many of people in Ukraine immediately began to believe that the time for changes in the country had come, that reconciliation with Russia would occur, and the country's course would seriously change. In Poroshenko’s camp, this idea was actively disseminated; many people in Russia perceived it in the same way as well. Celebrities of the Russian show business began to write appeals to Zelensky, in which they expressed the hope that they would soon be able to come to Ukraine. Many people believed that the ban on entry of Russians into Ukraine, blocking TV channels and websites from Russia, a ban on showing films, etc. will be stopped with the cessation of anti-Russian hysteria.

However, this is not the case, as the facts indicate the opposite. We will try as convincingly to show that Zelensky is not much different from Poroshenko in terms of the forces behind him, in terms of his views and in terms of a program of further actions. First, you need to understand that Zelensky is not just a man of Kolomoisky. Zelensky is a person controlled by the US Department of State. He maintains contacts with people directly controlled from Washington such as Aivaras Abromavicius and Sergey Leschenko. Moreover, he took them to his team. His connection with the point man of American interests in the world through the so-called "revolutions" – a billionaire George Soros – is very difficult to deny.

That’s why, Poroshenko gave way to Zelensky – because Zelensky is pleasing to the West, which hurries to congratulate him on his victory. Poroshenko, who imprisoned for pro-Russian views and pursued opponents, forced many politicians and journalists to emigrate, who came to power in an almost armed way – resigned to the comedian, failed public debates and is yielding power peacefully, without resistance. He admitted defeat after the first exit poll. Why? Because Poroshenko understands that he is not suitable for the United States any longer.

To save the pro-American regime in Ukraine, the United States needs a change of its signage, a change of face. Americans act subtly – they work through social networks, choose a popular artist, a favorite of the public, who behaves in such a way that both ardent nationalists and pro-Russian citizens see him almost as their close one. As a result, he lines up the votes of all. But what is he going to do further?

Back then, Poroshenko was chosen because they hoped to end the war quickly with his help. As a result, the war only heated up and brought huge casualties. Now everyone believes that Zelensky will stop the war. After all, he made several statements that the first thing he would do is to stop shooting, he also stated that it was necessary to “talk” with Russia, “to continue the Minsk format”, etc. Many people perceived this as a hope of ending the conflict as opposed to the Poroshenko mantra "we will not kneel down", "we will strengthen the army" and other useless conversations which he used to cover his plans to continue the war ad infinitum.

However, immediately after the election Zelensky made it clear that he was not going to grant a special status to Donbas and an amnesty for the enemy soldiers. Thus, what does the "Minsk format" constitute if Zelensky is not going to give in to anything and does not want to fulfill the main provisions of the Minsk agreements? However, Zelensky has already stated that he has a unique plan for an “information war” against Donbas, the ultimate goal of which is to return the region by convincing the population. It becomes unclear how they will fight, if Ukrainian television does not broadcast on uncontrolled territories, and in case the Internet works, nobody reads Ukrainian sites there. All this seems to be a veiled plan to leave everything in Donbas as it is. Well, luckily the offensive blow is not planned for now, so unnecessary casualties can be avoided. Long ago Zelensky marked his position when he thanked the Ukrainian soldiers for their protection from the "scum". Actually, with the "scum" he will not engage in dialogue.

In the question of the Ukrainian language, Zelensky seems to be not so aggressive as Poroshenko, he does not seek to acculturate it, he regularly speaks Russian himself, though his position does not seem to differ much. At the first press conference after the election, while answering a question of a Lviv journalist about the new language law, which imposes a “national language” in all spheres of life, he replied that he generally supports the law. And although Poroshenko deliberately pushes this law before his resignation in order to put an electoral "mine" under Zelensky, the latter will rather flirt with the nationalists rather than the pro-Russian ones. Well, he got the majority of votes from the pro-Russian population, who voted against Poroshenko. But the threat of social unrest comes only from the nationalists. So, Zelensky may not develop Ukrainization, but he is obviously not going to take steps back in this direction.

In his series “Servant of the People”, Zelensky openly sent the IMF to a certain place, and then publicly rejected his words. It is clear that his economic policy is unlikely to be different from Poroshenko’s policy; heading towards the EU and NATO (although Poroshenko’s headquarters tried to convince everyone that Zelensky was seeking Russia) he will simply have to repeat the same unpopular measures that Poroshenko did under the dictation of the IMF. That is why Zelensky’s headquarters have recently stated that utility rates will not be cheaper.

Actually, Zelensky is just changing the sign of the pro-American government. That is why he elections were so “democratic”. When it was necessary not to let communist Simonenko into power, Kuchma resorted to the massive use of administrative resources. Friendly to Russia Yanukovych went through two Maidans, until he was expelled from the country. Therefore, no illusions are necessary – so peacefully and calmly Poroshenko could give power only to his like-minded people, though competitors. Kolomoisky, who in 2014 acted in concert with Poroshenko, is unlikely to be the real enemy of Peter Alekseevich. So do not cherish illusions – little will change in the country under the rule of Zelensky. We have only to hope that it doesn't get worse.

Дата публикации: 9 мая 2019 г.

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